Let’s pretend, for a second, that you have a broken bone.

What would you do?

The answer to this question might seem like an obvious one: you would go to the doctor (a professional) and trust that he or she would guide you through the necessary steps to repair the break.  No brainer.

You wouldn’t go to the doctor, find out that you have a broken arm, and decide to take matters into your own hands and try to repair it yourself.  That is just ridiculous.

So why are your other health issues any different?

Many people realize that they have a problem with their weight and are so out of shape that it has become a complex issue that is negative affecting their health and wellbeing, and that something needs to be done soon or they will face consequences.  Now, the majority of these people will attempt to take matters into their own hands and attempt to fix their health issue on their own. Because it’s just exercise right?

The problem is that most of the time they will achieve the same results as the person who tried to repair their own broken bones: they fail miserably.

This failure results in no positive change to their current state, thus reinforcing their potentially life threatening health issues.

However, once you begin to treat fitness as the science that it is, and hold it in the same respect as you do medicine, you will begin to seek the  expert advice of individuals who devote their lives and careers to the study of human health and exercise science.  Only then will you begin to achieve the exact results that you are looking for.

Place your trust in those who know the ins and outs of fitness, instead of attempting to learn it all on your own.

When your sick, go to a doctor.  When your car breaks down, go to a mechanic. When you need your taxes done right, seek the advice of an accountant. When you want to achieve a sustainable level of fitness that is beneficial to your overall health and well-being, hire a well qualified and knowledgable certified personal trainer.